Activities in project implementation will be carried out via work package:

WORK PACKAGE 1 - Project Management
The project is managed by the Municipality of Udbina, which is to establish the Management Body and Implementation Team.
The Management Body tracks project implementation, and is made up of project authority members, the project partner and representatives from the Croatian Employment Service, Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the Lika-Senj County Chamber of Economy.
The Project Team will operate the project, and is made up of employees of the Municipality of Udbina together with LIRA as the project partner.
The Project Team comprises: project manager, technical project associate / professional entrepreneurial advisor, legal professional, project secretary, finance professional and an education manager.

WORK PACKAGE - Undertaking works, procurement and installation of equipment

The content of the work package comprises activities that are aimed at carrying out works on developing the infrastructure in the Business Zone Podudbina / Buljma on an area covering 9.85 hectares.
The works include the construction of a road within the zone, a water supply system, a sewage network system and stormwater drainage system including its treatment, public lighting, installation of an electrical power system and telecommunications.

The activities, that precede the actual works, are carried out and coordinated by the project team, and include:
-    drawing up of the tender documentation for works in compliance with the PRAG procedure
-    selection of an expert commission for implementing the tender process
-    publishing the tender
-    selection of the works contractor
-    signing a works contract

WORK PACKAGE 3 - Educational activities
With the aim of strengthening the management capacity of the Municipality of Udbina and neighbouring municipalities for the purpose of attracting direct investments, the Lika-Senj County Development Agency (LIRA) will organise the following educational seminars that will be conducted by an outsourced professional:
a)    An introductory two-day workshop titled “How to Prepare Yourself for Domestic and Foreign Investments and How to Effectively Present Your Location”
b)    A one-day workshop titled “Creating a Favourable Investment Environment - Good Practice Examples”
c)    Preparing the marketing plan for the Business Zone Podudbina / Buljma.

WORK PACKAGE 4 - Promotional activities for attracting investors to Udbina

For the purpose of attracting investors and presenting the business zone and other respective potential opportunities and the Municipality of Udbina, the project team will prepare the tender documentation calling for the drawing up of promotional materials and will coordinate its compilation. The following promotional materials will be prepared:

a)    A website containing at least 10 web pages regarding the zone and project, utilising a platform that allows on-line updating
b)    A brochure containing 20 pages, with a circulation of 1000 copies, and information on the Lika-Senj County, Municipality of Udbina, detailed information on the Business Zone Podudbina, and investment incentives.
c)    Promotional film in 300 copies of DVD format presenting the benefits of investing in our region

Furthermore, a number of expos will be held in the country and abroad with assistance from the Croatian Chamber of Economy and LIRA including promotion on the websites of relevant Government Ministry and Agency for attracting investments aided by the above mentioned promotional materials.


Municipality of Udbina

Stjepana Radića 6, 53234 Udbina
tel. +385 53 778 070
fax +385 53 778 613
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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